Seiko SBDC003 Blumo Scuba restoration

Finally finished some days ago a Seiko Blumo Scuba restoration.

A friend of mine got it for nothing, watch was in really bad shape, but manage to restore it to initial state of art.

Here’s what it was initially looking like :


Case, bezel and crystal were full of nasty scratches and movement was running like + 50 sec/day faster.

We polished the case, bezel, gaskets and crystal were changed to genuine Seiko ones and movement regulated (running like + 6 sec/day).

And here’s the beauty in all its splendour…!


Seiko SARB033 Restoration

With Seiko announcement / rumour about discontinuing some SARB products from the line, decided some day ago to go for a Seiko SARB033.

I already have the SARB035 and this watch is simply stunning. At the beginning had some big reticence especially with the small case size especially compared to my scuba divers Seiko ones, but after some days of wearing it, this watch become one of my favourites.

Must admit I had a very good deal on it, but watch case, crystal and bracelet were in pretty bad shape with lots of nasty scratches, signs of wear and all pieces were very dirty. Quite surprising indeed, as the listing initially was stating an excellent state, exactly the opposite of what I discovered when I see the watch in person.

But anyway, as I love challenges bought it and decided to restore everything back to initial state of art.

Bellow some pictures showing what everything was looking like when I got the beast :

After hours of hard work and polishing, strap, clasp and case are back to life :

As for the movement, it’s running a bit fast (beyond the 6R15 limits) but that’s nothing to worry about, because I’ll simply regulate it and bring it back to normal.

Just ordered some spare parts from Seiko like brand new gaskets, crystals and crown in order to fit everything back.

So stay tune, as I’m gonna update ya soon with final result…!